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Vintage Home Receiver
Refurbished Astatic D-104



CB Radio Repairs and Modification Kits

Custom CB Radios to order

  Cobra 29 LTD Classic. Done up in Harley Davidson Them. With Swing Kit and Receive Upgrade Kit.


   We build our radios to customer specifications. Or Factory Stock!

   We also offer recapping of vintage Radios!

If your older radios don't sound or perform as well as they use to, there is a good chance that the electrolytic caps are going bad. Let us put some life back into your radio. The older radios are of much better quality than most of the new radios out there today. repairing vintage radio

equipment since 2014!



1)  We can take your radio back to factory specifications.

2)  We can do a PEAK and TUNE!

3)  We offer a variety of mod. kits for Cobra, Uniden and Galaxy radios.

   Please see our online store for all available kits. All our upgrade kits come with parts and   easy   to follow instructions.