Astatic D-104 Microphones, Parts and Sevice 

            The Rebirth of a Legend

All Cleaned and Ready to Go
Refurbished Astatic D-104


The Rebearth of

       Survival Radio - Electronics Repair

   Here at Survival Radio. We are carrying on the Legacy of the Astatic D-104. We offer Refurbished Astatic D-104 T-UG8 and T-UG9 Microphones, Parts and Service. We also offer parts for the T-UP9.


   We also carry a variety of technical manuals. Some are available  in paper form, others on CD / DVD form. Some of these are stand alone documents others are a series.


    Please visit our store  to see some of our products. If you have any questions please contact us at  [email protected] or text 330-442-3199 Also visit our ebay store at If you see something on this site, that is note currently on

ebay. Let us know and we will make up a listing for you.

    We are a part time business. We currently has a 4 month back order on Service work. Being a part time business, we charge a cheaper rate for the bench work. Do to the fact that it will take us longer. But it affords us the time to do quality work at a reduced rate.

    We do our billing thru PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account.  We will accept checks. We will ship once the check has cleared.